FCS Surf Wax - Cold Water (Extra Soft) - Blue

FCS Surf Wax - Cold Water (Extra Soft) - Blue

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This 'FCS Surf Wax - Cold Water (Extra Soft) - Blue' has been researched and developed for recommended sea temperatures ofĀ - 14 C / 58 F and below. This is a great guideline, of course as with all waxes though some people may want to experiment or have a preference to go a little harder or softer and that's fine too.

FCS Surf Wax is designed for ultimateĀ traction and tackiness inĀ all testedĀ surf conditions. FCS Surf Wax is developedĀ to provide high-quality bead building on the deck of your surfboard for the best grip in all water temperatures. It is packaged in 100% recycled packaging.


FCS Surf Wax is availableĀ in cold, cool, warm and tropical blocks with a base coat option for creating a premium textured, long-lasting, layered stick for your surfboard.

ā€¢Ā  Four Temperatures + Base Coat
ā€¢Ā  100% Recycled Packaging
ā€¢Ā  Wax Contains Natural Ingredients
ā€¢Ā  Coconut Scented
ā€¢Ā  Quality Beads
ā€¢Ā  Made In The U.S.A

Wax Temperature Density
Base All Temperature Extra Hard
Tropical + 22Ā°C / 72F Hard
Warm 18-22Ā°C / 64-72F
Cool 13-19Ā°C / 56-66F Soft
Cold - 14 C / 58 F Extra Soft


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