ANNINGS - Seashell Soaps & Solid Shampoo

Annings beautiful, sustainable soaps and solid shampoo bars incorporate upcycled natural seashells which would otherwise be discarded from the food industry. Annings unique process takes the shells from sustainable British scallop fisheries in order to make sure you have the finest product. Beautiful scents and body kind oils are not mixed with any unnatural or harmful additives. They smell divine, work wonderfully with the skin and are a beautiful gift to yourself or others. The fine compound of the seashells is their secret ingredient which creates a soap uniquely soft and kind to the skin or scalp.

As lovers of the sea, Annings set out to find a use for the millions of tonnes of shells that are discarded into the ocean each year by the fishing industry. While this might sound harmless it actually creates a huge pollution problem of it's own, introducing masses of waste to the naturally balanced ecosystem of certain ocean areas that cannot cope with it. In a stroke of genius they have developed their beautiful range of solid soap bars & solid shampoo bars to incorporate this eco-friendly material and save it from causing harm. Annings only takes the shells from sustainable British scallop fisheries in order to make sure you have the finest product. Also in turn avoiding support for the more polluting and less sustainable producers. The soaps and solid shampoo products are created by hand in Dorset, UK removing the need to travel as far. While the soap itself is longer lasting, dermatologically therapeutic and helpful to maintaining the condition of our native ocean environment.


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